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Growing up being the “fat friend” was never easy. There was always something I couldn’t do that all my friends could. I thought that as I got older that would change. After being diagnosed with PCOS and hypo-active thyroid I realized that my being overweight wasn’t because I was just “lazy” like so many people want to label me. The hormonal challenges that come with PCOS make it difficult to lose weight and many doctors have encouraged me get weight-loss surgery. They said it was has even been shown that all symptoms of PCOS can disappear with weight-loss. For someone who has struggled with their weight all their life I wanted nothing more than to have weight-loss surgery.

So I looked into it.

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I first sought out information on gastric bypass. After sitting through meetings and talking with people who have had the surgery, even taking care of a friend who had gastric bypass, I didn’t feel that was the best avenue for me. And then I saw a commercial for the lap band and was intrigued. I requested information and was totally psyched about getting the surgery. Then to my dismay when checking with my insurance I found that they don’t cover anything bariatric or weight-loss related. So I had no choice but to go back to the diet scene.

You hear people say over and over, “I’ve tried every diet there is.” For me, I can honestly say that is true. From Weight Watchers to Slim Fast, Jenny Craig to Atkins and even the most obscure weight-loss antics via the Internet…I’ve tried them all. With some I had short term success. With others…not so much. Years went by, and on top of the PCOS and the weight challenges that brings, I now have three ruptured disks which has put on even more weight. This left me even more desperate to find a new diet I haven’t tried that would get the weight off, not just quickly but for longer than a month. Enter a friend of mine who had lap band and told me about the contest.

I met Andrew and found out he had the surgery so I gave him the third degree about it and made him tell me all about his experience. I expressed to him how much I would love to have the surgery but unfortunately my insurance didn’t cover it and I didn’t have the money to pay out-of-pocket. A few weeks later Andrew sends me an e-mail saying that the DayOne Health Clinic in Chicago was having a contest giving away a free lap band surgery and he sent me the link. Knowing it would be a long shot I submitted an essay saying why I think I would be a good candidate for the surgery. Months go by and forgetting all about the contest I receive an e-mail on my birthday from Gladys at DayOne informing me I am one of twelve finalists for the free lap band surgery. I was asked to come in and interview with the doctor and staff at DayOne and was told they would be making their decision at their annual holiday party on December 3rd.

My husband and I arrived to the holiday party and were anxious to hear the results. When that time came, I’m sitting there listening to Dr. Elli explain about how the contest worked and when the surgery was going to take place. When he said my name as the winner, every thought, feeling and emotion hit me all at once. I am now starting my weight-loss journey with DayOne. Even though I was ecstatic I found myself a little nervous because everything was happening so fast. In one day I found out that I won a free lap band surgery and that I was going to be having it three weeks later. Which brings me to present day, on the eve of starting my two week liquid diet.

I don’t find myself having the anxiety that I’ve been warned other people experience. In a strange way I’m kinda looking forward to it. I’ve spent the last week having all my favorite meals. Kinda like a seven day farewell party. Good bye old…Hello new. I know the two week liquids only diet is going to be hard but I’m ready to face it head on and do what I have to do because the end result is so worth it. Granted my zealous attitude could change on day three of my liquid diet but as of right now I choose to stay positive.

Amy – One Year Later

Amy-Year-LaterWell, this is it, my last blog. What an amazing, challenging, and successful year it has been. Thanks to the help I’ve gotten from the lap band I’ve been able to lose 105 pounds in just under one year. I feel really good about that. I had set a goal for myself to lose 100 pounds in the first year and to have met and even exceeded that goal gives me a huge sense of accomplishment.

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Month 11 Post-Op

month-11Well, it’s November, let the holiday festivities commence! My birthday is just around the corner and my husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. Anniversaries always make me reflect on what’s happened in the last year. This has been one amazing year for me. My life has literally gone through a 180 degree change. It was less than a year ago that I found out I was a finalist for the lap band surgery contest. I got notified of that on my birthday and then just a month later at Day One’s holiday party I found out that I won the contest. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of modifications to my diet, my exercise routine, the way I spend my free time, the way I celebrate holidays, and mostly to my thinking.

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Month 10 Post-Op

month-10Hey everybody! September has been a challenging month. Not long after I wrote my last blog I started to get really bad stomach aches that got progressively worse to the point that it was totally unbearable. The pain started centrally located in my abdomen but then became more painful into my upper right abdomen under my rib cage. One trip to the ER later, I found out it was a gall bladder attack.

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Month 9 Post-Op

month-9So, I have something on my mind that I would like to address to those who have never had the surgery or for those who may be considering lap band surgery. I think it is a generally held notion that weight-loss surgery is the easy way out. I confess that I was guilty of thinking this way before I had the surgery. I thought people who got weight-loss surgery were in this great little place where they could just do whatever they wanted and eat whatever they wanted and they just sat back and watch the pounds fly away. No sweat, right? Well, I am here to tell you that I could not have been more wrong.

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Month 8 Post-Op

IMG_2348Well, I suppose it will be true from now on until I reach my goal weight but I am the smallest I have been in my adult life. I never get tired of saying that. And this blog brings some particularly exciting news because I have finally reached what they call on The Biggest Loser, “One-derland”! That means I am finally out of the 200’s and into the 100’s. Woohoo! This has been a challenging month though and getting to this great milestone has not been easy. I am constantly working with my band to achieve the healthful life I have always wanted. Especially when it is so hot out, there is the temptation to just stay inside and eat ice cream or sit on the couch and avoid sweating at all costs. But in order to be the person I want to be I have to pay the price and keep myself moving.

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Month 7 Post-Op

month-7Hello again. Since that last time I spoke to you I’ve been through some interesting, albeit challenging, experiences. Prior to my most recent adjustment my band and I were getting along pretty well. Obviously I’m still eating much slower and much smaller quantities than I used to but besides that I was able to eat anything I wanted without any problems. I’ve been very conscious along the way to make smart choices when eating but every so often I allow myself to enjoy a treat in order to keep from getting burned out. I lost about 8 lbs. in six weeks. That’s on the low side of the average for most lap-band patients. That all changed with my last adjustment. I went in on Friday for another adjustment and the Dr. told me that my band was wide open. This was no shocker but it was good to get confirmation that I wasn’t overdoing anything.

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