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When patients contact us, they often refer to the nutrition post-lap-band procedure as a diet. Nevertheless, at DayOne Health we believe that the nutrition after lap-band should rather be perceived as a new lifestyle that is aimed at changing patients’ eating habits. Even though removable, a lap-band surgery is considered a permanent solution. The weight loss surgery in itself is just the beginning of the journey, the rest is up to how you will work with the band to achieve the best results. At the same time, at DayOne Health we always try to show our patients that eating healthy doesn’t have to be a sacrifice, but a better way to celebrate food and make it more meaningful.

Because the best way to get in control of eating is to start cooking your own meals, we always encourage our patients to get their hands dirty. The pleasure of preparing the meal and tasting new recipes can be as great or even greater than eating out. While the internet is full of amazing recipes, it may be hard to pick what’s best for you, especially post lap-band surgery. In order to help you transition into the new lifestyle we decided that we will post and compile the best lap-bander recipes.

All the recipes featured on this page are not only lap-band friendly but also approved by a DayOne Health bariatric dietitian. We tried to organize the food by textures for those of you who still need to follow the pre and post-operative diet regime. If you have some good recipes you would like to share please send them to our dietitian for posting.