ReShape Gastric Balloon

What is the ReShape® Dual Balloon?

ReShape Gastric Balloon

Inflated ReShape Gastric Balloon

ReShape dual gastric balloon is a nonsurgical managed weight loss program intended for individuals who tried traditional weight loss methods but did not achieve satisfying or lasting results. Gastric balloon is specially designed for those with a BMI between 30 and 40. If you do not want or do not qualify for weight loss surgery, ReShape double balloon may be a good option.

More Details About ReShape

The ReShape gastric balloon comes with a three-stage program combining placement of a gastric balloon device and a twelve month coaching plan. The program is intended to help you change your eating habits and teach you how to live healthier to keep your weight off long-term. The ReShape gastric balloon device is intended to stay in your stomach for six months to jump-start your diet. After the gastric balloon is removed, you will continue to attend coaching sessions to maintain your new lifestyle and achieve a lasting behavioral change.

How Does the ReShape® Gastric Balloon Device Work?

ReShape gastric balloon works by taking up space in the stomach and limiting the portion-sizes you can eat. The ReShape dual balloon takes up a total volume of up to 900ccs or an equivalent of two medium-sized oranges. As a result, following the placement of a gastric balloon, your stomach capacity will be a third or less of what it used to be before the balloon placement. The graphic below represents the change in your portion size after the procedure.

What is The ReShape® Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Program?

The ReShape gastric balloon is a three-phase weight loss program that helps you learn and maintain a healthier lifestyle. The program integrates placement of a double silicone balloon to jump-start your diet and coaching sessions with weight loss experts to teach you how to lose weight and live healthier.

ReShape® Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Results

In clinical trials, those participating in the ReShape® Managed Weight Loss Program lost up to 72 pounds in twelve months after balloon placement.* Patients who participated in coaching sessions and regular follow up visits did better and lost on average more weight than those less involved in the program. Patients undergoing ReShape® can expect the fastest weight loss in the first weeks after the gastric balloon placement. Following that period, your weight will become more stable and the weight loss will slow down.

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The key to successful weight loss with ReShape® gastric balloon lies in permanent behavior change and willingness to live a healthier life. Patients who are the most successful with the ReShape® are those who follow recommendations of the coaching team and stay involved with the managed weight loss program for the full twelve months. According to the data from the clinical studies, over 90% of those who participated in the full year follow up and lost weight kept it off after the program. The same study showed that approximately 60% of participants continued losing weight during the six months after the balloon was removed.

ReShape® three-phase weight loss program

Attend Consultation

number-one-in-a-circleYour first step in the program is to talk to a ReShape® trained physician. The physician will help you determine if you are ready to commit to the lifestyle changes required by ReShape®. He will also review your medical history to confirm there are no health contraindications for you to get the ReShape® gastric balloon placement.

Jump Start Your Weight Loss

number-two-in-a-circleOnce your physician determined you are the right candidate for the ReShape® gastric balloon, he will schedule your weight loss procedure. You will feel the restriction immediately after the dual balloon is placed. The balloon takes up the space in your stomach to help you limit portions and lose weight. The ReShape® gastric balloon will stay in your stomach for next six months to jump-start your weight loss. During that time you will receive coaching and support from a team of weight loss specialists.

Make the Change Last

number-three-in-a-circleThe last phase of the program constitutes the six months following the ReShape’s removal. Once the gastric balloon is removed, you will continue your coaching sessions to maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue eating smaller portions.

Why Choose ReShape® Gastric Balloon?

Dual balloon technology naturally conforms to the curvature of your stomach making it more comfortable in the first few weeks after the placement. Dual balloon technology helps to minimize nausea and discomfort – common side effects experienced during the first few days after the gastric balloon placement.


In addition, the ReShape® gastric balloon might be considered slightly safer than the single balloon. During placement, the two balloons are filled separately with a blue dye. As a result, patients who experience balloon puncturing or spontaneous deflation would know almost immediately. When released from the balloon, the blue dye colors the urine letting a patient know to see the doctor. Even though spontaneous deflation is extremely rare, ReShape® has an additional safety feature to prevent device migration. Because the ReShape® balloons are filled independently but remain attached, the undamaged balloon will keep the deflated one from migrating down the digestive tract.

ReShape® Gastric Balloon Placement

ReShape Placement Step-by-Step:

  1. The physician guides the endoscope with a guidewire down the esophagus.
  2. Deflated ReShape® gastric balloons are advanced down the guidewire and placed in the stomach.
  3. Each ReShape® gastric balloon is filled with saline and a blue dye up to the total of 900ccs.
  4. Once ReShape® is placed, the endoscope is removed.

ReShape Balloon Placement - More Details

The ReShape® gastric balloon device is placed endoscopically i.e. without surgery. The procedure can be performed in an outpatient facility by a ReShape® certified physician. The placement procedure takes approximately 15 minutes and patients can go home the same day. For patient’s comfort, we offer general anesthesia for both ReShape® placement and removal procedures. Discuss with your ReShape® physician what would be your best option.

Recovery After ReShape® Gastric Balloon Procedure

Patients recovering after ReShape® gastric balloon placement may experience nausea and feel bloated for a few days after placement. You may also experience abdominal pain and discomfort. Medications provided by your physicians should ease most of these side effects, but if you are concerned please contact your physician. For some patients symptoms subside quickly; for others they may last longer. All symptoms usually resolve within the first 30 days after ReShape® gastric balloon placement.

A large majority of patients are able to go back to their regular activities within a few days following the procedure. During the first days following balloon placement we urge you to stay in touch with your ReShape® physician’s office. Following the ReShape® placement you will immediately feel the restriction. To learn more about your dietary restrictions and diet progression after balloon placement consult your ReShape® dietitian.

ReShape® Gastric Balloon Removal

ReShape® gastric balloon device is removed six months after placement. Like the placement procedure, ReShape® removal is performed in outpatient setting and takes approximately 20 minutes. The procedure is done under full anesthesia for your comfort, and you will be ready to go home the same day. After ReShape® is removed, you will continue to schedule your coaching visits and work on maintaining your new lifestyle.

ReShape® Gastric Balloon Support Tools

Patients participating in the ReShape® managed weight loss program will receive an access to an online ReShape® portal including:

  • One on one sessions with exercise and nutrition experts
  • Free fit bit
  • Hundreds of ReShape® appropriate recipes
  • Mobile support
  • Weight, activity, and calorie tracking
  • Physician visibility of progress
  • Pre-recorded exercise sessions

*Results and patient experience may vary.