Jennifer’s Lap-Band Success Story

jennifer-beforeLost 160 pounds

My husband Barry and I both had LAP-BAND surgery and have lost over 200 pounds. I myself have lost over 160 pounds in total (88 pounds in the first 12 months!).

Jennifer’s Lap-Band Success Story

Lost 160 pounds

My husband Barry and I both had LAP-BAND surgery and have lost over 200 pounds. I myself have lost over 160 pounds in total (88 pounds in the first 12 months!).

Before my LAP-BAND surgery, as a nurse at 315 pounds, I felt really concerned for my health. I had watched my father die of heart disease at a young age and I’ve worked with many patients with heart disease. I also had arthritis and a family history of diabetes. I knew I had to make a change. The final turning point for me was when I went to the Winter Olympics in 2002 and had a very uncomfortable flight and a hard time getting around in general.

I had struggled with my weight since high school and had yo-yo dieted for years — so I knew another diet wasn’t going to work for me, which is why I decided to have surgery. But working for an insurance company, I reviewed a lot of cases with of patients who had gastric bypass, so I knew there could be a lot of complications from the surgery. Knowing that the LAP-BAND was less invasive and had a lot fewer complications, it just seemed like a more appropriate choice for me.

jennifer-afterOne of the other great things about the LAP-BAND procedure was that because it is adjustable, I was able to have the band loosened after I had surgery so that I could have a baby and get all the nutrition I would need during pregnancy. Once I had the baby and had the band tightened again, and it took me less than 6 months to lose the weight that I had gained when I was pregnant.

I really see the LAP-BAND as a tool, my partner. Through the education process before and after surgery, I was able to learn to modify my diet and recognize why I was eating so much in the first place, and the band just really helps control my hunger. Since losing the weight, I now feel 100% better. My knee pain is resolved and I feel more credible as a nurse and I truly feel that now, people treat me so much different in public. I can even wear high heels! My husband also had the LAP-BAND procedure, so as a couple we have more energy than ever. We can do more things together and enjoy life a lot more. Now that we’ve both learned to modify our diet, our daughter is going to benefit from our healthy eating habits instead of learning our old way of eating.

Patients I work with never believe that I’ve had the LAP-BAND surgery, but then I speak to them and I show them my before pictures and it changes their perspective on having the procedure. I’m able to talk them through the process and I answer the questions that they have. They like that they have someone that they can talk to and ask questions about the procedure — they usually feel a little bit more comfortable.

jennifer-and-barryFor anyone considering LAP-BAND surgery, I would them that I know how it feels to be overweight and be ridiculed or to not be taken seriously — to not fit in an airplane seat, to not be able to go comfortably to the movies or the ballpark. But the LAP-BAND can change your life and you can lose weight for good and do things that “normal” people can do. Once you lose the weight, you will have so much energy and feel like a totally different person!

Jennifer and her husband Barry lost 210 lbs together!

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