Login and Track Your Results With My Lap-Band Journey

login-and-track-results If you are a fan of lifestyle applications, you will fall in love with My Lap-Band Journey. And if you are a lap-band patient you will like it even more. Create your profile and track daily weight, health, and even mood changes to improve your weight loss results. My Lap-Band Journey is provided to you by the LAP-BAND® System. If you want to check it out visit Lap-band website to create your profile or download a free application to your phone.

Why do we Recommend My Lap-Band Journey to DayOne Health Patients?

My Lap-Band Journey can be a great tool in helping you stay in control of your eating, prepare for your lap-band journey, and finally direct throughout your lap-band experience after the procedure. At DayOne Health, no matter if you will end up getting the band or not, we really recommend you to download the app and sign up on lapband.com or either of the two. Soon after you create your profile you will notice how easy and user friendly tracking your weight loss can be. The portal is also a great resource of information not only about your progress but also about nutrition and weight loss options. Real time tracking will give you detailed insight in how you are doing in every aspect of your weight loss. In addition, if you decide to get a lap-band, My Lap-Band Journey will remind you about your upcoming follow up appointments.

Preparing for Lap-band Surgery

Allergan’s portal does a great job in preparing an easy step-by-step interactive checklist for anyone planning to undergo the lap-band procedure. Unless you decide to have your procedure performed at DayOne Health, you may be a little confused in terms of where to start in your lap-band journey and finally what lifestyle changes will be required prior to the procedure. My Lap-Band Journey gives you a detailed outline starting from educational materials and where to find a surgeon to healthy recipes and support group information. LapBand.com will also provide you with basic information considering your insurance and financing options. If you are a DayOne Health patient much of that information in far more detail will be given to you during your initial consultation and follow up visits. Nevertheless, if you feel that the program of your choice doesn’t give you enough insight it’s good to have alternative option under your fingertips.

After Lap-band

This is where My Lap-Band Journey shows most of its functionality. You can enter everything here including your food log, calorie count, weight, changes in your health, and even updates on your mood. All of that information will come back to you in the form of clear reporting and updates. If you are a very results-oriented person you’ll be more than happy with the comprehensive balance sheets that My Lap-Band Journey has to offer. Although receiving daily reports on your progress may seem weird, you will soon notice that they are a very motivating tool.

The best part about it is that My Lap-Band Journey is very objective. The truth is everyone has moments when he or she reaches plateau in weight loss or just has a hard day. Believe me when I say that My Lap-Band Journey is what may be what will keep you compliant with your goals when the bad day strikes. Their portal will always give you a real assessment of your progress, not just an impression created by temporary self-doubt. So if you have a lap-band or you are planning to get it, don’t wait any longer to create your profile. The service is completely free of charge and can change the way you view your quest for weight loss forever.

If you would like hear more about DayOne Health comprehensive weight loss program, or learn about the lap-band procedure, contact our Chicago clinic at (312) 239-3838 or schedule your one-on-one consultation with one of our surgeons today.