Marilyn’s Lap-Band Success Storymarilyn

Lost 60 pounds

I had surgery in November 2009. I have lost roughly 60 pounds Now I am about 14 pounds from my goal. I felt that I had done thorough research, I had tried every diet in existence and no, I wasn’t meant to be overweight — it was compromising my health and I wasn’t living up to my full potential.

Marilyn’s Lap-Band Success Story

Lost 60 pounds


I had my LAP-BAND surgery in November 2009. Since then, I have lost roughly 60 pounds, and now I am about 14 pounds from my goal.

I made the decision to have LAP-BAND surgery after failing, yet again, with an organized group weight-loss program. I realized that those types of programs have only allowed me minimal success and that I have always regained the weight loss within months.

Initially, I had sworn off any WLS (weight-loss surgery). I truly felt that I could do it myself. But I changed my mind after I started to experience some health problems and my doctor told me that I was pre-diabetic. I have a long family history of diabetes, so I knew firsthand that if not taken care of, diabetes tends to worsen. In addition, I had a newborn baby and a 6 year old, and I wanted to set a better example for them.

I had gone to my hospital to inquire about WLS. I attended a seminar, but they were only pushing gastric bypass even though they performed both LAP-BAND and gastric bypass. Their preference for gastric bypass was obvious. For me personally, I wasn’t ready for a radical surgery. And despite the fact that I was told that other WLS would allow me to lose weight quicker, in reality I wasn’t looking for a quick fix, but rather a permanent solution.

After leaving the meeting at the hospital, I went home and Googled LAP-BAND surgery centers, and DayOne Health was one of the choices. It was located very close to my home, and it just so happened that they were having an information session the next day, so I attended on an early Saturday morning. There were a number of people in attendance. As I listened to the speaker and the attendees’ stories, I realized that everyone was in the same predicament. Just like me, they were tired of being overweight and physically ill.

At that point, I talked to my husband. He was supportive but voiced his concern that it was surgery and told me that he loved me just as I was. Though this was appreciated, I had to do something about this weight because love was not helping me get healthier, nor was it helping me to lose weight.

Most importantly, because I loved him and our daughters so much, I wanted to get this excess weight off so that we could enjoy life and each other more fully. Once I decided that weight-loss surgery was what I was looking for, I bought every WLS book out there. I needed to be armed with as much information as possible. After doing the research, I knew that the LAP-BAND was definitely the best procedure for me.

I went back to DayOne Health. I must admit, they were the nicest people ever. The front desk, dietitian, doctors and all other support staff were all willing and able to answer all of my questions. It was also nice to see a combination of staff members who had already been successful with the LAP-BAND.

Well, on the day of my surgery I started to freak. I started to question myself with “Have I researched enough? Should I try another diet? Maybe I am meant to be overweight.” But I felt reassured that I had done thorough research, I had tried every diet in existence and no, I wasn’t meant to be overweight — it was compromising my health and I wasn’t living up to my full potential. So I relaxed! The staff is the best, best, best ever. I told them my initial fears and they said that they were common concerns. The DayOne team was friendly and warm.

I had the single incision LAP-BAND surgery. I felt very little discomfort. I had surgery on a Thursday and was back to work on a Monday. By that point, I had no more pain and didn’t need any pain medications. Since the surgery, my life has changed completely. I get to run and play with my girls. My husband loves my renewed energy. We travel more and take the girls out more. I have fallen in love with running. I’ve run 2 half marathons, and a 15k race, and multiple 5k races. And all these this year alone! This is the first time I have stuck to any exercise plan. I am planning to run a marathon this year. I love dressing up and wearing high heels. I smile often and, I wear RED lipstick. By this I mean that whereas I used to shun attention, I now welcome it!

Thank you LAP-BAND and DayOne Health for giving me my life and voice back! Though I have never been shy, I’m definitely more vocal!

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