One Year After the Lap-Band Procedure

one-year-after-lap-band-amy Do you remember Amy? Amy won our DayOne Health Lap-Band Giveaway Contest a little over a year ago. Now, a little more than 12 months after the procedure, Amy has managed to lose over 100 pounds. We remember when Amy was chosen to receive a free lap-band procedure and asked us how much weight we thought she will lose. We told her that if she followed our recommendations she could lose 100 pounds in the first year after weight loss surgery. Full of enthusiasm but with slight disbelief, Amy started her preparations and soon shared with us her first-hand experiences. Since the beginning of her preoperative liquid diet, Amy has been sending us blog entries, pictures and videos to keep us all posted on her progress.

We were extremely happy that Amy agreed to give us and other lap-banders a glimpse into her weight loss journey. We hope that you enjoyed reading Amy’s account of her lap-band experience as well, and that it will inspire you in your quest for weight loss. Like Amy points out in her blogs, lap-band is by no means an easy way out. After getting your lap-band, you will still have to watch what you eat and keep to your exercise routine. Nevertheless, while the lap-band cannot make right food choices for you, it will definitely help you with portion control and a growling stomach. As Amy points out in her blogs, it takes time to get used to a new lifestyle, but as her amazing weight loss shows, it’s all worth it.

Amy, like everyone else who has had the lap-band procedure, was warned beforehand that achieving healthy weight may sometimes be challenging. Nevertheless, as Amy points out you should never treat the challenges as setbacks and let them derail you. Instead keep on doing the right thing, and you’ll definitely achieve results. One of the biggest challenges of the weight loss process are weight plateaus; the trick is not to let the lack of weight loss deter you from keeping to your resolutions. Just because you don’t see the change on your scale, doesn’t mean you are not losing weight, especially if you are exercising. You just have to give your body time to adjust.

Quite often our DayOne Health patients lose 20-30 pounds and then their weight loss comes to a halt. At that point many patients become discouraged. The key is to stay on track and don’t fall back on old habits. Always work with your band and get your band adjustments in a timely fashion. Moreover, even in the times of your greatest frustration you have to remember that your expectations strongly influence your perception of your own accomplishments. Just because you are not noticing a change, it doesn’t mean that it is not there! How many times did you think that you haven’t lost any weight, and people who haven’t seen you a long time noticed a change right away? Also, you need to look at your achievements from a bigger perspective, not just from the perspective of a week or so. Think about how much you lost overall, and recognize that the rate of your weight loss will steadily decrease with the amount of weight that you still want to lose.

Some of the challenges that Amy mentions are often connect to a change in perspective. As she points out, prior to the surgery most of her social events and gatherings were directly connected with eating. With a little disappointment, but cheerful outlook for the future, Amy successfully completed her liquid diet during Christmas celebrations, went through healthy eating while on a road trip, and “learned to work with the band one pound at a time.” If you feel that you have some bad days, don’t’ beat yourself up over it. For all of you who are currently struggling, or may be getting frustrated over not losing weight as fast as they planned, we highly recommend reading Amy’s blog. Amy already has been an inspiration for many of our DayOne Health patients, and now that she completed the first year of her journey, we hope that even more of our patients will benefit from hearing her story.

If you would like hear more about our DayOne Health weight loss program and a lap-band procedure, call our patient advocate at 312-239-3838 or schedule a one-on-one consultation with a lap-band surgeon.