Orbera – Gastric Balloon

Soon after ReShape Duo, FDA also approved Orbera making it a second gastric balloon device currently available to patients in the US. Until now, Orbera gastric balloon has been used for weight loss in 80 countries around the world and helped over 220,000 patients in achieving their weight loss goal. Today, DayOne Health has a great pleasure to announce that we will soon be one of the first facilities in Chicago to offer this new weight loss procedure.


Who can get Orbera gastric balloon?


Like ReShape Dual Balloon, Orbera is intended for patients wanting to lose approximately 30lbs. As recommended by the FDA’s, Orbera gastric balloon is best suited for patients with BMIs between 30 and 40. Those deciding to undergo Orbera gastric balloon procedure, need to remember that gastric balloon is a temporary tool intended to help limit portion sizes. Gastric balloon will not affect nutrient absorption or physically alter the digestive tract. Orbera works by occupying space in patient’s stomach and limiting available volume. Patients who decide to undergo Orbera gastric balloon procedure, are recommended to participate in dietary counseling and behavior modification program in order to achieve lasting results. Patients who are not able to follow dietary restrictions or commit to come for follow up appointments would not be good candidates for Orbera gastric balloon device. Patients who already had a bariatric surgery, would not meet the requirements for gastric balloon.

In addition, history of any inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract, potential upper gastrointestinal bleeding or other congenital anomalies, large hiatal hernia or other structural abnormality in the oesophagus or larynx may disqualify patients as candidates for Orbera gastric balloon.

DayOne Currently offers Orbera. Check if you are a candidate!

What is Orbera?


Orbera is a saline filled balloon which has been approved by the FDA in August 2015 as a new non-surgical weight loss procedure. Orbera device is placed endoscopically in patient’s stomach and, depending on patient needs, is filled with 400 to 700 cc of fluid. If you are considering Orbera, your physician will help you determine which level of balloon fill would be optimal for you. Orbera gastric balloon is placed endoscopically and is performed in less than 30 minutes. The balloon is intended to stay in the stomach for 6 months, after which it is deflated and removed endoscopically. The removal procedure takes approximately 20 minutes and has to be performed by a trained physician. If you would like to lose more weight with Orbera Gastric balloon after the removal, you would need to wait at least 6 months before the balloon can be introduced again.


Orbera versus ReShape gastric balloon


Orbera is a second gastric balloon, after ReShape, that has been approved by the FDA in a recent week. Differently than the ReShape Duo balloon, Orbera consists of only one inflatable balloon. When fully filled, Orbera’s maximum volume is also slightly smaller than that reached by the ReShape balloon. Interestingly in the case of gastric balloon the size of the device does not seem to contribute to the better weight loss results. In the clinical trials submitted to FDA, patients with Orbera single balloon achieved higher average weight loss than patients with ReShape Duo balloon – 21.8 and 14.3 pounds respectively. Both gastric balloons are meant to be placed for a limited time of six months. When deciding for the procedure, patients must be commit to the removal procedure after the designated period of time. The longer the balloon is left in the stomach after the designated time, the higher the likelihood of complications including puncturing of the balloon.


How is Orbera gastric balloon placed?


Orbera can be placed only by a trained physician. Similarly to ReShape Duo gastric balloon, Orbera procedure is also done endoscopically (i.e. by mouth). In other words, Orbera gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss method that does not involve any cutting or stapling. Gastric balloon is usually performed under mild sedation, but with a request from the patient it could also be done with full anesthesia. Orbera can be placed in less than 30 minutes and patients go home soon after.


What is the cost of gastric balloon?


For the time being the price has not been determined. It is estimated for now that the gastric balloon placement and removal would be priced lower than more invasive surgical weight loss solutions. It also most likely that patients who decide to undergo gastric balloon procedure will be presented with a single price tag for both balloon placement and removal. Due to the fact that the procedure is new to the US, for now it is not covered by insurance. This means, patients will be offered a self pay price with an option of financing if necessary.