Gastric Bypass Revision

Revision surgery is intended for gastric bypass patients who believe their weight loss following gastric bypass was insufficient, or who experienced significant weight regain in the years following their primary surgery. Because revision surgeries are associated with a higher risk of complication, it is critical that you discuss your decision with a bariatric surgeon in great detail before you decide to undergo another procedure. Currently at DayOne Health, we offer two bariatric revision surgeries:

✔ LAP-BAND® after gastric bypass       ✔ Minimally invasive suturing or endoscopic repair


Because gastric bypass surgery radically changes the digestive process, the first weeks and even months after the procedure can be very challenging. Patients not only need to follow a strict diet, but may also suffer severe indigestion if they stray from the dietary recommendations. Because of the strict diet, nutrient malabsorption, and digestive problems, many patients lose a staggering amount of weight in just a few months after the procedure. However, despite great initial results, many patients find it challenging to maintain the weight loss long-term.

Many patients find that following a gastric bypass, their bodies slowly adjust to the changes made during the surgery. A few months after the procedure, the body can better tolerate unhealthy foods, and patients become more comfortable eating high-calorie meals. Once patients stop suffering adverse reactions, they often return to an unhealthy diet and bigger portions. Progressive increase in portion size can lead to stretching of the stomach pouch and the connection between the stomach and the small intestine (stoma). The stretching causes loss of the restriction and, as a result, patient regain weight.


If you had a gastric bypass surgery and you are either unsatisfied with the results or you are regaining the weight you lost, you may be a candidate for a revision surgery. The first step to determine whether the revision is necessary is to schedule a consult with the surgeon. When you speak to the surgeon, you will review your medical history and your experience with gastric bypass. Your eligibility for a revision surgery, and the type of surgery appropriate for your situation, depend on several factors, including:

✔ How your first surgery was performed                        ✔ Your overall health

✔ The amount of scar tissue in your digestive tract       ✔ Your eating habits