Lost 120 pounds


As a patient advocate, Gladys is not only a weight-loss surgery patient, but she also works at DayOne Health, providing ongoing education, support, and encouragement to all of our new and current patients.

Being overweight was always an issue with me and also the rest of my family. We tried all diets — Weight Watchers, Slim-Fast and Jenny Craig, even Phen-Phen. Would lose some pounds, but gained twice the amount back again.

I was on medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and acid reflux. I never wanted to be in pictures or attend any social events. I dreaded to go shopping for clothes.

My son originally decided to have gastric bypass surgery. He started the process, but 3 weeks before his surgery he was told his insurance would not cover the procedure. He was very upset. I told him this surgery was not meant for him. Then a few days later, I was in the best enhancement pills like viagra doctor's office with my brother and I picked up an article about the LAP-BAND. It was very informative and gave me a website for more information. After researching it on the internet, we decided that this was what we were looking for to help my son and all of us lose weight: something less invasive with fewer complications and london viagra without prescription a quicker recovery.

As a family, to support our son, we all decided to attend a LAP-BAND information session — my husband, son, daughter, and myself. After the session, we decided this was the right procedure for all of us. We could not wait for a consultation with the doctor. We went through our insurance company. My daughter and I were on generic viagra china my husband's insurance plan. My son had his own insurance. Thanks to God we were all approved. My son had his LAP-BAND surgery in September 2004. My husband and I had our surgeries in October 2004 and my daughter in November 2004. The total weight loss for our family is 520 pounds!!! (husband – 110lbs.; son – 200lbs.; daughter – 90lbs.; myself – 120lbs.)

It has been an amazing journey for all of us. I lost 120 pounds in the first 9 months. I went from a size 24 to a size 8. I feel great! No more medications! I have more energy now than I've ever had. When I went to try 10 mg cialis see my primary doctor for my annual physical, she could not believe her eyes. She could not recognize me or my husband. She is now recommending the surgery to some of her other patients who are overweight.

We have all been very successful with the LAP-BAND. We would have never lost weight by doing it alone. It is a blessing to me to see my son, daughter, and husband enjoying life again. The only regret we have is not knowing about the LAP-BAND sooner!

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