Jodee's Lap-Band Success Story

Lost 98 pounds

All my life I never had to watch my weight until I attended college. From then on I would allow myself to gain 20 pounds, because I knew I could diet and get it off. Well, 20 pounds became 30, and 30 pounds became 40. I soon became a compulsive and professional dieter. This yo-yo effect really took a toll on my metabolism, and I soon began to realize I was running out of fad diets to try.

In late 2001 I became divorced, and my son was only 5 at the time. I was so consumed in his well-being and filled with guilt that I turned to food even more. My days and nights became consumed with thoughts about what we were going to eat, and pizza was now my "best friend." As I continued to gain weight, I became depressed. I ate because I was depressed, and became depressed because I ate. I felt like I was drowning and couldn't catch my breath. I had no desire to be social, and started backing away from activities that I enjoyed. In the blink of an eye, I gained 80 pounds that year, not to mention my blood pressure was sky high. My son deserved his mom back, and I so wanted the "old Jodee" back, who was so full of life.


I felt all hope was lost, until early February 2003. My girlfriend told me about the LAP-BAND seminar at DayOne Health, and wanted me to drive with her, so I attended. I absolutely had no desire of ever having surgery to lose weight, but upon leaving the very informative seminar, meeting with a world renowned surgeon, and inspecting the surgical center (which I could eat off their floors, they were so clean!), I knew I had found my answer. Unfortunately my insurance would not cover it, so I paid out-of-pocket. I felt that I would actually save money in restaurant bills, and besides, there is only one me, and I had to be there for my son and show him the best experiences life had to offer.

After my LAP-BAND surgery, I was released in approximately 5 hours, leaving with very little pain besides a little soreness. By the third day, I had some soup at a restaurant and even did a little dancing! Immediately my weight started melting off, and by the 5th month I was down 67 pounds! I started having energy, a passion for life, and I was the best mom I could be.

Even though I have been blessed with, as I call it, "my miracle tool" (the LAP-BAND), I still have to work hard every day. For the first time in my life, I eat like a normal human being. I am actually able to put my fork down when I am hungry. This is my little personal trainer, who stops me from raiding the refrigerator at midnight. I lost 96 pounds in eight months, and have pretty much kept it off. My whole life has changed. I have such a passion for life, and live every day to its fullest!

Up until this day, I was unable to talk about a dear friend who I was going to escort to a LAP-BAND information session (she was so excited, she was going to get her hair done!), but died of a heart attack 2 days before going to the session, never being able to have that second chance in life like I did. If this will help one person struggling with weight issues out there, then I have done my job. I believe in the LAP-BAND and DayOne Health so much that I have dedicated my career and whole life to this procedure. My dad had always said "Life is for the living, so why not live it to the fullest?" You never know if you will have a tomorrow!

P.S. The only drawback to this procedure is that I spend way too much on clothes!!!!!

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