Toni's Lap-Band Success Story

Lost 121 pounds

The turning point for me was when I was about to turn 40. I didn't want to be fat at 40. I decided it was time to make a change and started the process toward pursuing weight-loss surgery. I had tried tons of diets and just didn't lose the weight at all — I knew I had to do something more. I decided on the LAP-BAND procedure because it was adjustable and it wasn't as invasive as I had heard the other surgeries were. After talking to a couple of my friends who had had the procedure, I knew that this would be a great choice for me. They had been so successful and I decided I could probably be as successful as they were.

So I went online and I found a LAP-BAND information session at DayOne Health. I attended that session and it was filled with much more information that I had ever expected. Not only did I get an opportunity to talk with a doctor, I also got an opportunity to talk with a dietician, as well as a patient advocate who had actually had the procedure. During that session, I became extremely comfortable that the procedure was going to be safe and that DayOne had a group of people that I could depend on.

The day of surgery, my appointment was at 6 o'clock in the morning. I arrived to the office along with a family member. Immediately walking through the door, everyone at DayOne made us feel extremely comfortable. I went into surgery within a couple of hours and by around 11 o'clock in the morning I was ready to go home. At about 12 noon I arrived home and I felt fine. I actually went grocery shopping right after having the procedure! In fact, I was able to go back to work the very next day without a problem or pain. And, I haven't had a problem or a pain since.


Since my surgery, about 18 months ago, I have lost a total of 121 pounds (90 in the first 12 months!). The LAP-BAND has been a tool for me to learn how to eat differently. I have learned that I don't need to eat a whole hamburger to be full. The first 40 years of my life, I thought I needed to eat until I was full, now I eat until I am satisfied.

The enjoyment that I get out of food now is just nourishment. I still enjoy it, I still enjoy the taste of it, I still enjoy the fulfillment I get from it, but that's not the only place I get joy. I get joy in being outside, I get enjoyment with playing with my daughter. I get enjoyment from time with friends and family and realizing that it doesn't have to be over a plate of food. It doesn't even have to be over a bag of popcorn. It could just be sitting down and relaxing. Food, I figure, is a means to an end but not totally my life anymore.

After losing 121 pounds, do you think I feel any sexier? Absolutely — not only that ... I am a ball of energy and I have a better appreciation for life. Before losing the weight, I had a general lack of energy and was very short-winded all the time. I can actually exercise now, go up a flight of stairs and keep up with my child and without being short-winded. And not only am I filled with enthusiasm and energy, but I feel so much healthier. Before I lost the weight, I was borderline diabetic, now I'm not ... I was on high blood pressure medicine, now I'm not. As far as I'm concerned, LAP-BAND surgery did the trick!

When people see me now they are constantly amazed by my weight loss. Daily, people that haven't seen me in months or years walk up to me and say "hey, what have you done?" The first thing that I tell them is that not only am I watching what I'm eating, but that I couldn't do it by myself. I tell them that I had some assistance and that the "help" came with having the LAP-BAND procedure. The most important thing that I tell them is that if they decide that weight loss is important for them that this procedure is truly an answer to their prayers.

Since my surgery, I've build a great relationship with the staff at DayOne. When they tell you that service is important to them ... they believe it. All the way from making an appointment, to walking into the door and making sure that every assistant is very aware of your case. They really take care of you every step of the way.

If someone were to ask me would I recommend the LAP-BAND? Would I encourage it? I would say absolutely! Not only am I excited about looking great, I am more excited about how much more healthier I am. If someone would have asked me two years ago would I look and feel as good as I do today, I probably wouldn't have believed them.

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