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gladysHi, I’m Gladys. A few years ago, I was right where you are now — I had tried all the diets, was on multiple medications, and I dreaded social events. I was desperate to lose the weight, but nothing seemed to work. I would lose some weight, but gained back twice as much.

Then, I learned about the LAP-BAND, and I knew that this was the right choice for me: a minimally invasive procedure with fewer complications and a quicker recovery than other types of weight-loss surgery.

Since being banded, it has been an amazing journey. I lost 120 pounds in the first 9 months! You can do it, too. I loved DayOne Health so much that now I work for them, helping other patients just like you make the best decision for their weight and their health.

Use the form at the right to send me your information, and I’ll help answer any of your questions about any weight loss procedure. Whether you’ve already decided or you’re just starting to learn more about available options, I’m here to help make sure the process is as easy, smooth, and as worry-free as possible!

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