Thou Shalt Not Cheat On Your Lap-Band


Is it possible that you won’t lose weight after having a LAP-BAND surgery? If you cheat, of course! Don’t get me wrong, everyone cheats a little, eats unhealthy or too much. Weight loss surgery is not an easy decision, but changing your lifestyle after the surgery is not an easy task either. At DayOne Health we understand that very well. And it’s not only our experience with patients, but also the fact that a few members of our team have had the LAP-BAND themselves.

Don’t feel guilty because you’re craving ice-cream or chips. Like I said, everyone does. It won’t harm you to eat reasonable amounts of your favorite foods from time to time. But remember that you have to stay in control. Don’t let the portion size dictate your appetite! How many times you have felt full, but kept eating because there was still food on your plate? If you’re like me, far too many. You probably know this already, but forcing more food into your stomach than you need defeats the purpose of the band. In other words, the LAP-BAND is doing its job by giving you the feeling of satiety; the person who isn’t doing their job is you by not listening to our own body. Cheating by overeating is not only bad for your BMI, but may be very harmful for your health. Band slippage or band erosion is not what you want to experience and can come from over eating too often. If you have to cheat, please, do not do it this way.

After surgery, you will soon notice that some foods pass through the band easier than others. While it may be limiting in some cases, it will also give you plenty opportunitiesto cheat. The LAP-BAND won’t rescue you from the calories in milkshakes or mashed potatoes, nor will it make you feel full after an extra large mocha with chocolate and whipped cream. After having the weight loss surgery you will still be able to eat ice-cream, chocolate, pudding, chips, and other high calorie foods. This is why LAP-BAND surgery is not only a weight loss surgery; it’s a lifestyle! This is one of the many reasons DayOne Health created a whole program dedicated to following up on our patients. From time to time, we have patients that can’t lose weight after surgery. Their first reaction is that LAP-BAND didn’t work, but once we ask what the person is eating, the mystery is solved!

Of course, you also have to be honest with us and yourself. We guarantee that once you honestly tell us what you are eating, and let us work on your eating habits you will see instant results.

The DayOne Health weight loss program was created to help patients get the most out of their bands. A LAP-BAND is not magic, and the secret ingredient to your success is you! We are here to support you all the way in the process, and tailor a diet to your lifestyle. We understand cheating on the band better than anyone else, and we can help you deal with it in a proper way. If you feel you are losing control over your eating, don’t wait. Stop postponing your success, and contact our nutritionist. Let us help you do some damage control and call today 312-291-7501.