Tony & Laura

Tony & Laura’s Lap-Band Success Storytony-laura-after

Lost 200 pounds combined*

We’ve lost a combined total of 200 pounds with the LAP-BAND! We have been successful in many areas of our life, but we could just not seem to control the one aspect of losing weight. We decided to have surgery at DayOne because we felt like we were being treated like individuals there.

Tony & Laura’s Lap-Band Success Story

Lost 200 pounds combined

Laura: We’ve lost a combined total of 200 pounds with the LAP-BAND! As a couple, my husband Tony and I have been successful in many areas of our life: business, financially … But we could just not seem to control the one aspect of losing weight. I myself was seriously overweight for about three-quarters of my life, from junior high on.

I had tried so many different weight-loss programs — nothing but up and down, yo-yo dieting. Before we had LAP-BAND surgery, I could hardly do any kind of physical exercise, spend time with our children, or roll around with our grandkids. It became really important to both of us to be able to do more physical activities and participate more in the things that we enjoyed — like bicycle riding, going on walks — things we just weren’t doing because of our weight. Finally, we decided that we needed to do something significant to change our lives. We decided to have surgery at DayOne because we knew we wanted to have the LAP-BAND procedure and felt like we were being treated like individuals there. I just didn’t have that comfort level or level of communication that I had with the DayOne staff and the doctors with anyone else.


When we first went together to the info session at DayOne, it was very informative and we understood exactly what we were getting into with the procedure. We were told all about the LAP-BAND surgery, what would happen, how long it would take for recovery, and what the doctors would expect from us before the procedure. They covered the different tests that we would have to go through in preparing for surgery and also what would happen to us after surgery.

When we went for our consult. we met with the surgeon who would be doing the surgery. We also met with a nutritionist and the dietician, the nurse, and other people at the facility letting us know what the procedure would be like and what to expect in having some of the tests done prior to the surgery. The day of my surgery, Tony came with me. I had surgery and a few hours later, I was able to go home. After I got home, believe it or not, I actually did some laundry and had a very comfortable evening! It was very easy — I couldn’t believe the recovery time. It was a matter of a couple days and I was up and about and back to doing my normal routine.

Tony had a similar experience with his surgery — it was just very easy for both us. Since our LAP-BAND surgeries, we’ve been successful at losing the weight and keeping it off. In the first 12 months alone, I lost 75 pounds and Tony lost 85. Since our weight loss, the quality of our life has improved in every aspect! The LAP-BAND has been a great tool in helping us lose the weight, we can still do the things used to do — and even more.

Laura: I really enjoy entertaining and having friends over and everything, of course, is centered around food. But with the LAP-BAND, I feel like I’m not sacrificing any of those aspects. I still enjoy entertaining: we still have a lot of our friends over and do barbeques, we have formal little dinners and still have a lot of company over. I can enjoy friends and family without being focused on food and eating.

Since losing the weight, I must say that it is great being able to go out to the store, any store, and fit into a smaller size of clothing and buy something off the rack and not have to worry about how it looks or fits. Even though I’ve always taken good care of myself, you just don’t have the same fulfillment of feeling beautiful and looking nice — losing the weight has just impacted my life and how I feel about myself tremendously. And, since losing the weight, Tony has become quite a shopper himself!

Tony: Laura looks fantastic. She always looked fantastic, but she is just really fantastic right now. And, I still sometimes can’t believe the improvements that we have both made in our life through this surgery. I still kind of have to pinch myself once in a while just to say “hey, is this real?” I wish I would have done this a long time ago. It is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life!

Laura: Like Tony, I only wish I had done it sooner — I wish I would have had a picture of myself now put in front of me and said “Laura, you really need to change your life and you need to do something about it.” The LAP-BAND procedure has totally changed our lives.

*Results may vary. Consult your doctor.