Week 4 Post-Op

It’s been 3 weeks since I have had my lap band surgery in Chicago. I was able to start introducing soft foods into my diet, which I was totally excited about. Until I got on the scale. My weight has gone up a few pounds and I couldn’t have been more heartbroken. I have been doing everything I am supposed to be doing and to see the numbers on the scale go up instead of down was devastating.

I emailed Lauren, DayOne’s dietician, and told her of my dilemma. She was great! She told me that this is normal and that “while you are healing your body often uses the calories you are consuming, stores them and doesn’t burn them off because your body is trying to heal. Do not get discouraged – your weight loss will begin after your adjustments and then you will be amazed!”

I hope she’s right. So many people, including myself apparently, think that just because you have the surgery all you have to do is sit back and lose the weight. I even have friends who think that, but it’s NOT TRUE! You still have to work at it, and it’s still a discipline to not eat whatever you want, whenever you want! I still have cravings and I still want to eat pizza and go out to eat wherever I want, but I can’t.

For me, there is a HUGE fear of failure. I have failed at losing weight more times than I care to count. I am now handed this wonderful opportunity…I CAN’T FAIL!! Friends and family of people who have had the lap-band need to realize that it is a never-ending battle with yourself to make the right decisions and keep moving forward, despite what the scale might say, until you reach your goal.

I have 2 more weeks to go until I get my first adjustment; I can’t continue gaining weight for the next 2 weeks. It will crush me if I do. Maybe I’ll go back to protein shakes for the next 2 weeks…I’ve got goals I need to meet! Wish me luck!!