Weight Regain After Lap-Band Procedure

weight-regain-after-lap-band Regaining weight is one of the greatest fears among all weight loss surgery patients. And it’s no wonder. After years of “Yo-Yo Dieting”, shedding pounds just to gain it all back, we are conditioned into thinking that none of the weight loss solutions are final. Many new patients coming to DayOne Health ask if it’s possible that the lap-band won’t work, or how do they know that they won’t gain everything back just months after losing it. And of course we can’t guarantee how much you will lose, but what we can tell you is that a large majority of our DayOne Health patients lose most of their weight within two years after lap-band surgery. And then, once you reach your goal weight, you will most likely stay within a small range of that weight. This prediction is based on years of our DayOne Health experience with lap-band patients. If you become part of our family, we’ll make sure that you do at least as good as a large majority of our patients.

Is weight regain possible after Lap-band surgery?

Yes. Regaining weight is always possible, independently of what method of weight loss or surgery you choose. Lap-band is a powerful tool for significant weight-loss, but without the proper care, “the tool” can lose its effectiveness over time. But, if you stay up to date with your follow up visits and keep to the lap-band diet recommendations, it is extremely unlikely that you will gain weight. Nevertheless, if you give up and allow yourself to fall off the lap-band wagon, it is more than possible that you will not achieve the anticipated results. So, what is the best way to avoid gaining back those pounds? If you notice you are gaining weight, it is very important that you contact your lap-band surgeon or weight loss program as soon as possible. With the help of your doctor and dietitian it will be much easier to determine why you are gaining the weight and deal with the problem before it gets too serious.

What are common reasons for regaining weight after weight loss surgery?

Reasons for the weight regain can be divided into three categories: anatomic, medical, and behavioral. As soon as you notice yourself gaining weight, contact your weight loss clinic to see which of these categories could be the cause. If you’re eating right, meaning that the weight gain was not caused by your behavior, you will definitely need to make an appointment with your weight loss surgeon to see whether there are any medical and anatomical reasons that could cause. The fastest way to determine anatomic problems such as pouch dilation or problems with the band itself is to have your stomach X-rayed. After looking at your stomach, the weight loss surgeon will know whether your weight regain has come from stretching of the stomach, loosening of the band, or other band problems. If the examination with the use of fluoroscope didn’t find any possible anatomical causes of weight gain, your doctor may order some tests to exclude other medical causes such as: pregnancy, thyroid, adrenal, kidney, and/or heart problems.

What behavioral problems can cause me to gain weight after Lap-band surgery?

Behavioral problems start when you don’t comply with the recommendations of lap-band eating, by overeating or making poor food choices. While bad food choices may slow your weight loss or even cause you to gain weight, consequences of overeating may be slightly more serious. In other words, if you eat more than your new stomach can handle you may cause your band to slip. Band slippage is can easily be prevented by not overeating and seeing your doctor when you feel that your eating habits might have reverted back to what they were before the lap-band surgery. If after the X-ray your doctor notices that the upper part of the stomach has stretched, he may decide to deflate your band completely to allow the stomach to shrink back to its original size. This procedure, when performed in a timely manner, will most definitely prevent the slippage and therefore the need for additional surgery. This is also why you should always remember to follow up with your weight loss surgeon and dietitian on a regular basis. Seeing your doctor for periodical checkups will not only keep you on track with your weight, but will also allow the detection of any complications or problems in their early stages.

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