DayOne Health Staff

Every DayOne Health team member is dedicated to supporting our patients before, during, and after their weight-loss surgery. We understand the unique needs of our patients and are committed to providing you with the best options in a comfortable and caring environment. We even have members on staff who have had LAP-BAND® surgery themselves, so they fully understand the challenges you face.


Gladys Pt Advocate

As our Patient Advocate, Gladys provides continuing emotional support, guidance, encouragement, and weight-loss help to our patients. She works with each patient individually to address their questions, needs, and concerns before and after their surgery. In addition to building one-on-one relationships with each of our patients, she serves as a liaison between the Program Coordinator and Program Assistant so that each patient gets the amount of support they need.

She is uniquely qualified for her position as she is a LAP-BAND patient herself. Her personal weight-loss surgery experience makes her a terrific source of information, advice, and support.


The financial implications of LAP-BAND surgery are often a huge concern to patients. Bariatric surgery costs can vary widely, and insurance coverage can be difficult to obtain. DayOne Health has a full-time insurance coordinator to help our patients make sense of their coverage. Our insurance coordinator will help you understand your policy and benefits, what will be covered, and what hard costs may be incurred. If insurance coverage is unavailable, our coordinator can help you submit an appeal or apply for low cost financing through a special bariatric surgery lender.


Rebecca Dietitian

As the dietitian at DayOne Health, Becca performs an initial consultation with all patients as part of the surgery approval process. Becca then works with patients on their weight-loss diet plan before and after surgery. She coaches our patients on pre- and post-surgery nutrition and diet guidelines. Becca also organizes and oversees the DayOne Band Buddies group that meets once a month.


Loredana MA

Loredana is in charge of triaging patients when they come in for consultations, pre-ops, and follow up care. She also prepares the labs, does EKGs, and helps patients complete any necessary health forms.