Outpatient Weight-loss Surgery


When you start your weight-loss journey with DayOne Health, your procedure will most likely be done at 900 N. Michigan Surgery Center, the same location as our Chicago weight-loss clinic. Our affiliation with the surgery center gives you the benefit of an ongoing communication between your weight-loss surgery facility and the follow-up clinic. You will never have to worry about having your surgical records transferred to your follow-up clinic or the other way around. And, any scheduling involving the anesthesiologist, another doctor, or laboratory work will also be done on the spot during your regular clinic visits.


The relatively small size of our facility enables us to better focus on your individual needs. This means that we’ll make sure you understand and feel comfortable with every step of your procedure. Experience, safety, and the newest technological solutions are what make us the best choice to perform weight-loss surgery in the Chicago area. Unlike other risky weight-loss surgeries, our bariatric procedures — including the LAP-BAND® — can be performed in an outpatient setting. What that means for you: not only does it cost less than half the price of an inpatient bariatric procedure, but you also get to return home on the same day. While the average time spent at our facility is five hours, the same procedure done in a hospital requires a minimum 24-hour stay. Outpatient procedures also reduce your risk of contracting hospital-acquired infections. Choosing our surgery center over a hospital not only saves you money, but may give you better health outcomes.

Right after your laparoscopic weight-loss surgery, you will be able to recuperate in one of our private recovery suites, where you can have a relative or a friend join you as soon as you wake up. Your comfort and privacy are important to us, and we will make sure that you are given enough time to regain your strength before you return home.